Frequently Asked Questions

Is KitchenWorx™ a true
bio-based product?

It sure is! Unlike all other fire suppression sprays available, KitchenWorx™ is manufactured with naturally sourced ingredients. We have the UL Validated Bio-Based Content credentials to prove it!

See full SDS information here 

Is KitchenWorx™ a pet-friendly,
non-toxic formula?

Yes! KitchenWorx™ is derived from FireRein's flagship Eco-Gel™ product. Eco-Gel has been independently proven in a third-party university study to be benign to sensitive aquatic and plant life. Your family pets are safe with KitchenWorx™ in your home.

What steps are involved with 
™ cleanup?

KitchenWorx™ cleanup is quick and easy to do with a damp cloth and potable water.


When the fire is under control and the heat source is off and cool to the touch, simply wipe away with a clean, damp cloth.


There are no toxic ingredients to worry about contaminating your kitchen or your food.

Can I have KitchenWorx™ shipped
to my house or business?

Yes! KitchenWorx™ is available online and through our retail partners.


Check out our online shop and order your cans of KitchenWorx™ today!