We Stand Behind Our Product
For Good Reason! 


KitchenWorx™ is a consumer-friendly version of FireRein's patented* Eco-Gel™ firefighting hydrogel. We've created a canned adaptation of the same environmentally benign hydrogel used by municipal fire departments to put out fires in structural, wildland, and fossil fuel applications.

What makes KitchenWorx™ unique is that it is a plant-based and non-toxic fire suppressant spray. Nobody else in the world has a product like ours. It's patented, just like its Eco-Gel™ big brother.

We believe very strongly in protecting our environment and our communities. That's why we want to help you protect your loved ones, home, and business with KitchenWorx™ Fire Suppressant spray.

*U.S. Patent Nos. 10,159,863 and 10,625,108.

About FireRein

FireRein Inc. is dedicated to providing the firefighting community with effective, innovative and sustainable firefighting solutions. The company is underpinned by our experienced team that includes firefighters from various backgrounds in urban, rural, industrial and wildland firefighting. We are further driven by a need to replace today’s toxic, non-renewable, firefighting water additives whose myriad of human and environmental toxicity concerns are under ever-increasing public scrutiny.

FireRein also recognizes that today’s fires are challenging traditional firefighting methods. Climate change has created “mega fires" that are occurring more frequently. Structural firefighting has dramatically changed with the mainstream use of today’s engineered lightweight building materials that cause fires to burn hotter and faster.


We created Eco-Gel™, the world’s first and only certified 100% bio-based (plant-based) and 100% food-grade water additive that when introduced into fire hose water streams creates a potent firefighting gel that “sticks and stays” on any surface and in any orientation.

High Efficiency 


In fighting Class A and Class B fires, FireRein's patented Eco-Gel™ has proven to extinguish fires in half the time of traditional foams and gels. This allows municipal fire departments and industrial sites to more quickly protect the people and products they are responsible for, as well as prevent future fires from spreading. Our reliable and responsive product can be applied with standard proportioning equipment.  

Easier to Clean

FireRein Eco-Gel™ is a hydrogel that is completely soluble in any type of water.  Once a fire is extinguished with Eco-Gel™, any residual hydrogel can be easily washed away with water – a garden hose will do!

Certified 100% Non-Toxic

It's so safe, it is made of food grade ingredients.

In fact, FireRein Eco-Gel™ is certified through the USDA’s BioPreferred Program and is made from food grade material. This allows municipal fire departments and industry to use it without worrying about the potential for contamination of the fire site, health hazards to their personnel or water run-off.  

For more information, visit us at www.firerein.com.

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