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Safer Firefighting



For Indoor &

Outdoor Use



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Home &

Keep your loved ones, home, and business safe from small kitchen fires.

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Outdoor Grilling 
& Cooking

Don't worry about grill flare ups

or grease fires. KitchenWorx 

has you covered.

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RV, Cottage & 

Protect your loved ones and the environment from unexpected campfire situations.


We believe in fire safety for everyone, anywhere.

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About Our
Non-Toxic Product

KitchenWorx™ is a consumer-friendly version of FireRein's patented* Eco-Gel™ firefighting hydrogel. We've created a canned adaptation of the same environmentally benign hydrogel used by municipal fire departments to put out fires in structural, wildland, and fossil fuel applications.

What makes KitchenWorx™ unique is that it is a plant-based and non-toxic fire suppressant spray. Nobody else in the world has a product like ours. It's patented, just like its Eco-Gel™ big brother.

We believe very strongly in protecting our environment and our communities. That's why we want to help you protect your loved ones, home, and business with KitchenWorx™ Fire Suppressant spray.

*U.S. Patent Nos. 10,159,863 and 10,625,108.


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Customer Testimonials

"We at McCormick’s pride ourselves on being a one-stop-shop country store. Providing quality

goods to our local community is top of mind. KitchenWorx  Fire Suppression Spray

by FireRein is a great example of eco-friendly innovation that we are proud to support.

Stop in and ask us about how to help you and your family stay fire safe!"


Justin Martin & Lindsay Noyes, Owner Operators

McCormick’s Country Store, Camden East, Stone Mills

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